40 best real life cheat codes

Real life cheat codes or life hacks are the equivalent of entering the Konami code in Contra.

From Wikipedia:

Today, anything that solves an everyday problem in a clever or non-obvious way might be called a life hack. The term became popularized in the blogosphere and is primarily used by geeks who suffer from information overload or those with a playful curiosity in the ways they can accelerate their workflow.

This list consists of power-ups or simply just good advice that give you the advantage in real life situations.

  1. If you’re watching a rented DVD, Press Stop, Stop, Play. – Skip the advertisements and go straight to the movie.
  2. Dial 0 during most automatic menu phone systems to be taken to operator to route your call. also, mashing buttons may work as well. Whenever you have a voice automated phone system, typically saying “representative” gets you someone right away. You can also try this website: http://gethuman.com
  3. Riding a bicycle will save you lots of money on gas, parking, medical bills, and gym memberships.
  4. If you are speeding and suddenly up ahead see a cop that clearly just tagged you, slow down and wave to him/her. Your odds of being pulled over are quite a bit reduced.
  5. Don’t be rude, but NEVER answer any cops questions when they call you in for questioning. Lawyer up.

    Unless you are the victim of a crime and are calling police to report it, you shouldn’t ever talk to the police
  6. When you hit the voice mail prompt, hit 1, pause momentarily. If you aren’t put through immediately, hit *, pause. Finally, hit # if neither 1 or * worked. It is called the 1-star-pound technique, and it works for all cellphone carriers.
  7. If your credit card magnetic stripe starts to get worn from use and being in your wallet, and doesn’t always read in the card reader, you can use the plastic bag trick. Put the card in a plastic grocery bag and then swipe it. Not sure why it works, but it does. Taking it further though, you can simply apply a piece of quality cellophane tape over the magnetic-stripe for a “permanent” plastic bag trick.
  8. At the end of your shower turn the water really (or all the way) cold. This will wake you up and get blood flowing.
  9. When you buy something online, you usually get a chance to enter a promo code before you purchase. Google the promo codes. They’re out there – you can get anything from free shipping to 25% off the purchase. A good place to start is http://www.retailmenot.com/
  10. Turn it off, then on again.

    Roy approves of this advice
  11. Buy things out of season, this can save you money. Unless its food, then buy it in season.
  12. When you have forgotten someone’s name, simply say: “I’m sorry, but what was your name one more time.” They may act offended, but when they give you their first name you simply reply “No, I meant your last name.” (more socially acceptable to forget). Bingo. First and last names.
  13. When eating buffalo wings, the flat portions, you can detach the smaller bone on one end very easily, then twist it a bit and it will just slide out. You’re now left with a big hunk of meat and only 1 bone, you can just bite it off into your mouth in one piece. YouTube demonstration<
  14. Gently work an orange in your hands to loosen the peel from the fruit. This makes it easy enough to get the whole peel in one shot.
  15. Can’t find your car in a parking lot? Hitting the lock button trying to get it to beep? Extend the distance of key-less entry by putting the key under your chin. The signal will resonate in your skull increasing the range dramatically. This works and it’s safe because the radiation is non-ionizing.
  16. If you get a ticket on the windscreen of your car, you can potentially get away with parking illegally in the same lot for the rest of the day by keeping the ticket on your windscreen.
  17. Most tinfoil and plastic -wrap boxes have little push-in tabs on the sides. If you push them in, the roll won’t fall out when you try to rip out a sheet of it.
  18. Keep a list of all of the credit card phone numbers in your cellphone. This way, if your wallet is ever lost, you can call them immediately to have them disabled. It’s also a good idea to place all of the cards in your wallet on a copier and print a page to keep at home. This will give you access to your License #, etc. If you lost your wallet by simply misplacing it, put a hold on your credit cards. Do NOT cancel. If you cancel it can later show up on your credit report. If you believe you are going to find it later, placing a hold saves you the red mark on your report.
  19. If you are driving an unfamiliar car and you don’t know which side the petrol tank is on, just look at the little pump icon next to the petrol gauge on the dashboard. The pump handle on the icon will be on the side of the tank. If not, 99% of the time the petrol door is opposite of the tailpipe.

    This electric car’s pump is on the right side
  20. If you’re at home/work/party and the toilet starts to overflow, take the lid off the back reservoir part and lift the long handle as far up as it will go. The water will stop rising and then you can quietly mutter curses at it till it goes back down.
  21. To peel a boiled egg, roll it around on your plate for a while until all of the eggshell is cracked evenly. Then it’s easy to remove the complete shell at once. After you boil eggs immediately place them in ice cold water for a few minutes. No vinegar or salt or oil or whatever people use. Shells slip right off
  22. When you spill any liquid that will stain on your carpet (red wine, juice, etc), pour some salt on it. Work it into the carpet – just rub it in with your hands. Leave it there for a few hours and vacuum it out. Voilà, stain gone.
  23. If you park in a large parking garage/shopping centre, get out and take a photo on your cell phone of the nearest parking sign (Area B2, etc). You will never lose your car again.
  24. If you drive manual transmission and the battery is dead, get some friends, put the key to the on position, put the car in 2nd gear and push the clutch down. Have your friends push your car. When you get a decent speed going let the clutch up. (this is called “Popping the clutch.” your car with start and you can drive around for a while to recharge your battery, provided nothing is wrong with the battery or the alternator).
  25. Peel a banana from the bottom, there is a reason monkeys do it that way! YouTube demonstration.

    Peel a banana from the bottom
  26. 4,2,3,1 – Vending machine cheat code. (As in, the vertical buttons machines). This will grant access to vending machine’s diagnostic menu, however most times the fun features are disabled.
  27. Walk on the sides of stairs to avoid/reduce creaks.
  28. Talk to everyone like you would your best friend, and smile.
  29. Secretaries, tech support and janitors are the true power in office buildings. Make friends, remember birthdays and you can get anything you need or go anywhere you need.
  30. If you have crushing chest pain, call the emergency number first. Then chew some aspirin.
  31. When receiving a call from a solicitor, simply press 9; the call will be dropped and your phone number is then put on the companies do not call list. 95% of companies support this feature.
  32. To get through tech support quickly with an ISP, choose the option for becoming a new customer. Then when you get there ask to transfer to tech support. Usually they won’t put you on hold because they see the number coming from the new customer line.
  33. If you need to briefly turn the light on at night and don’t want to completely lose your night vision, keep one eye closed.

    So that’s why they wear an eyepatch..
  34. Sprinkle some salt on your napkin coaster at the bar, your beer won’t stick to it ever.
  35. If you get brain freeze from eating something cold too quickly, press your tongue against the roof of your mouth as hard as you can. Instant brainfreeze relief.
  36. Never bring anything in to work. That way, when you leave (ie, earlier than usual) it doesn’t look like you’re leaving for the day.
  37. Always have some money saved that no one knows about, it could save your life.
  38. Never watch another car’s turn signal or the driver, watch the front wheels. If they speed up, slow down, or turn you’ll actually be getting clear information about where the car is going (you can also follow the rise and fall of bumpers the same way regarding breaking). Drivers can be distracted or leave their turn signals on erroneously.
  39. To test a remote, put your cell phone in picture mode and face the remote towards the phone and push a button. Cell phones can see light outside of the visible spectrum and if the remote works you will see the light flash on your camera screen
  40. On most elevators, press “close door” and your floor number at the same time for express service. You will skip all floors between even if people are calling the elevator.

This article was inspired by this reddit thread.