About Schalk Burger

My name is Schalk Burger and I'm a meticulous designer and web developer based in Cape Town.

I’m passionate about delivering websites that work for individual and corporate clients.

Let’s have a chat and see how I can help you grow your business, today!

Schalk redesigned my personal blog and he did a fantastic job. He went beyond what was expected of him to accommodate my needs and he was able to interpret what I wanted even when I struggled to articulate it. His technical recommendations was exactly what I needed. His design style is elegant and professional and his customer interaction is kind and patient. I highly recommend Schalk for any project.

Lieschen Venter

Schalk delivered a high quality WordPress website to me with a really quick turnaround time. His prices are very competitive and I was impressed by the level of professionalism I received and the helpful attitude. Well worth the money spent.

John Anton Durr

Any business worth its salt has to have a presence on the information highway. Thanks to Schalk my presence is felt more than most!

Graeme Scott

Trusted by these companies

  • First computer

    Introduced to MS-DOS running on a 386 computer. Spent my time playing DOS classics and breaking the computer.

  • First taste of web design

    Built my first website with HTML 4.0 and CSS 2, mostly using iframes & tables - and crafted with Notepad.

  • Freelance Web Designer

    Turned my hobby into a business by providing freelance web design and development services to individuals, business and corporate clients.

  • Graduate High School

    Graduated from Tygerberg High, with an interest in pursuing studies in information technology.

  • Started University

    Started studying towards my BA Socio-Informatics degree at Stellenbosch University

  • First Company

    Started my first web development company with two university friends - Sustainable Web Solutions.

  • Graduate University

    Graduate from Stellenbosch University with a BA Socio-Informatics degree.

  • Started SmartStudent

    Started SmartStudent, an educational website and blog that provides information & advice to students regarding applying to university, choosing a course, what to take to university, finding student accommodation and much more.

  • Started LogicBuilds

    Custom computer builds that match the consumers usage and budgets, comes preinstalled with greats software.

  • Web Designer at Kurtosys

    Started working at Kurtosys as a web designer. Kurtosys provides an industry class digital experience platform for financial services companies.

  • This website

    Bootstrap 4, Webpack, ES6... the modern front-end stack has become awesome and scary at the same time