About Schalk Burger

Hello! My name is Schalk Burger and I’m a self-taught web designer full stack developer.

I enjoy creating clean designs, writing efficient code and finding simple solutions to problems.

I am currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Have you ever been? Take a look. You can learn more about me and what interests me by reading my blog posts.


My main skills and service offerings are Design Systems, Full Stack Development and WordPress Consulting, and you can read more about that on my Services page.

I am also skilled in these other areas:

  • Graphic design, illustrations, brand design, photo manipulation, photo editing, typography, interface design and user experience design.
  • Setting up Linux-based virtual machines, version control with GitHub, automation of development processes (CircleCI), and working with package managers.
  • I am fluent across Windows, Mac and Linux environments.


I like and use technologies like SASS, Node.js, React.js, Webpack, Gulp, MySQL, Laravel, Git, MySQL and a lot more.

My tech stack

So I thought about sharing the tools I use personally or at work:

Design Tools

  • Sketch or Figma for designing user interfaces & wireframes
  • Adobe Photoshop for editing pictures and photographs.
  • Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects for editing and producing videos.


  • My primary code editor is Visual Studio Code. I use the One Dark Pro theme. I use Fira Code as my coding font.
  • I use React as my primary library building user interfaces
  • I like to use Bootstrap to quickly build responsive and mobile-first projects.
  • I use WordPress with Roots Sage to build websites that require content management.
  • To share code or find inspiration I like to use CodePen or CodeSandbox.
  • For CSS, I’m cool to use what ever tech available out there that makes my task done quickly & well, I have personally used Bootstrap 3 & 4, Bulma, TailwindCSS and Tachyons, but I prefer coding with SASS. I have also used CSS Modules and Styled Components when it comes to styling React apps.
  • If I’m making a web app, for the front-end I use the create-react-app boilerplate as it’s the official one from the team that made React, but I also add react-router-dom and TypeScript.
  • I use Git bash as my terminal when I’m on Windows, and iTerm2 with Oh My Zsh when I’m on macOS.

This website has been built with Roots Sage and is powered by WordPress running on DigitalOcean.