Assortment of Infographics

Here are a couple neat infographics that I would like to share with you.

Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

What is the difference?

Humans have long considered themselves truly unique. But it turns out that the better word from “unique” is “most advanced”. Every year scientists prove that some purely human traits are found in animals.

Assortment of Infographics Whats the difference

Computer Hardware Chart

This chart will come in handy for any geek or computer person. Print this out and you will always have a hardware cheat sheet nearby.

Assortment of Infographics Computer Hardware Chart

Open a padlock

There is a mechanical weakness in a padlock that lets you reduce the number of possible combinations down to 100. This infographic will guide you through the process.

Assortment of Infographics Master lock

Chart suggestions

This infographic is a thought started for which type of chart is the best for the type of information you want to visualise.

Assortment of Infographics Chart Suggestions

The Biological Clock

Do you know when you have the fastest reaction time? Or the best coordination? When do you experience the deepest sleep? This infographic is an overview of human “circadian biological clock” with some physiological parameters.

Assortment of Infographics Biological Clock Human