Awesome free web games

I’ve put together another post filled with awesome free games you can play on the web.

This is a follow up to my most addictive and fun flash games post,  here are some more great web and flash games you can play to kill time.


You are put in a random Google Street view location and have to guess where you are in the world.


Like Tetris, but completely and utterly futile. It’s like art. You cannot score, you cannot win, you cannot lose. You get frustrated, but it’s too hypnotizing to leave.

Cookie Clicker

You click a cookie to get more cookies. If you have enough cookies, you can sell them to increase your rate of cookie production.

Candy Box 2

Candy Box 2 begins similar to cookie clicker, pressing buttons to obtain candies, but the more you play the more complex the adventure gets.

Ski Free Flash Version

People who used Windows 95 back in the day may remember this little skiing game (which you can download to play on your computer) which has been made into a flash version.

Peasant’s Quest

A fun pixely adventure from the guys behind Homestar Runner where you, a poor peasant, must gain revenge on the dragon Trogdor the Burninator for burning down your thatched-roof cottage.

N / The Way of the Ninja

N is a highly addictive, sometimes very frustrating platformer game.

Pandemic 2

Customize your disease and wipe out the world’s population.

Find the Invisible Cow

Find the invisible cow, the louder the “cow” gets, the closer you are to him. When he is really loud, you are close, and maybe on him.

Frog Fractions

Frog Factions let you control a frog on a lily pad to use your tongue to eat insects, while collecting and protecting fruit. (The game does not actually teach the player about fractions)

Line Rider

The classic simple game where you draw your track to ride on.


A really simple and fun and free capture the flag game.