5 awesome obscure BlackBerry tricks

Did you know you can use your BlackBerry as a flashlight when you’re stumbling around in the dark, or that there is a very simple way to reboot your device?

Here are some little-known but awesome BlackBerry tips & tricks you can utilise to turn yourself into a power user:

1. Number mode / CAPS mode

By holding ALT & Left Shift (⇑aA) you can turn on number mode (123), and ALT & Right Shift  (aA⇑) enables CAPS mode.

2. Easy reboot

You can reboot your BlackBerry by holding ALT, Right Shift (aA⇑) and DEL

Alternatively you can soft reboot your device by installing a free application called RestartMe.

3. Flashlight

Stumbling around in the dark? Turn your BlackBerry into a flash-light by launching the Video Camera and hitting the Space bar. (flash required).

4. Easy PIN retrieval

Need to share your pin with someone? Just type mypin and press space to display it.

5. Phone overview

Get an overview of your BlackBerry like your pin, battery level, OS installed and more by pressing Alt + Left Shift + H simultaneously .

Bonus: To insert a period, press the Space key twice. The next letter is capitalized.


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3 responses to “5 awesome obscure BlackBerry tricks

  1. *Tries the flashlight thing* Awesome.  Glad I didn’t buy a flashlight ap, or keep the free one that wanted to spy on me o.0

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