Awesome stuff

Awesome gadgets and stuff found on the internet that I want.

Port a Pint

Port-A-Pint Beer Glass

The portable and collapsible beer glass pops open in seconds with a flick of your wrist.

So stop drinking from those disposable cups and wow your friends and impress the ladies with this great beer glass.


Electronic Guitar Shirt

Electronic Guitar Shirt

The shirt has a fully playable guitar built in to it, complete with a mini amp that attaches to your belt. We’re talking all the major chords here.

You can strum by waving the included magnetic pick over the strings. The volume goes up to 11 and the amp comes with an adjustable tone knob

Electronic Guitar Shirt

Dingoo A320


The Dingoo A320 aka Multi Platform Portable Gaming Entertainment Station is an awesome device if you are into emulation like me. This gadget can emulate NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, GBA , Neo-Geo, CPS1 and CPS2 with even more emulators that are downloadable from the net.

Apart from the gaming, it plays all the popular video and audio formats, has a FM radio, voice recorder, image viewer and ebook reader.

Dingoo A320



The Lifestraw is a point-of-use personal water filter that removes 99.9999% of all bacteria, 99.99% of all viruses, and 99.9% of all parasites that cause waterborne disease and diarrhoea.

Apart from the good work this straw can do in 3rd world countries, for personal use this can be great for camping and travelling too,


Kaossilator 2


Rather than using keys or buttons to play musical notes, the Kaossilator features a revolutionary touchpad design. Move your finger from left to right to change the pitch of the note, and up and down to change the sound. But musical sounds are only the beginning, the Kaossilator can also be used like a drum kit with dozens of built in beats and drum sounds.

Plus you get some amazing sound effects from laser blasts to Pac Man. You can put everything to good use with the built-in loop recording feature which lets you layer virtually unlimited tracks to create complex songs combining lead instruments, drum beats and sound effects together. Endless fun..