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I have previously written about improving your browsing experience with useful userscripts, and bringing back features specifically in YouTube like auto buffering videos.

Some of the aforementioned scripts have become outdated, but luckily there is a new userscript/addon you can install to improve your YouTube experience.

YouTube Center is an userscript which has been made into an addon for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera that comes with many features, including the ability to download videos, repeat videos, change the default quality of the video and many more which I will outline below.

YouTube Center

YouTube Center Settings Overview YouTube Center Settings Overview

I was looking for something like YouTube Center specifically because of some of the changes that were made to YouTube like: videos not auto-buffering anymore when paused, videos not being centered, YouTube not remembering the video size and some other minor grievances.

Fortunately this piece of software could fix all the above issues and more.

YouTube Center Features

This userscript/addon comes with a huge list of features that you can view here, below I’ll highlight my favourites:

  • Center Page: Center the YouTube layout (instead of aligning everything to the left)
  • Remove Advertisement: Removes advertisements from the pages and player
  • Enable Auto Resolution: Make all your videos display in low resolution or high resolution.
  • Prevent Auto-Play: Pause the video at the beginning so that it can buffer first
  • Prevent Auto-Buffering: Having this disabled lets the video buffer normally.
  • Lights off: Click to darken everything around the video for a “cinema” experience
  • Enable Resize: Set the default size of the video player (e.g. Large)
  • Download: Gives on-page options for downloading the video or converting to MP3

Download YouTube Center

There are various ways to download YouTube Center depending on your browser:

Firefox: Download as add-on

Chrome: Download as extension

For Chrome you will need to manually drag this file to your extensions page (Tools > Extensions)

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