Big list of code snippets

I have an extensive collection of code snippets saved on my computer that I use as a quick reference when I need certain functionality in the websites that I develop.

I have now decided to share my favourite snippets with anyone interested by loading them on my Github Gists so you can easily save or fork them if you’d like.

This collection consists primarily of HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress snippets. You can view the entire collection of my favourite code snippets below.

CSS sticky footer

WordPress change from email details

WordPress search unlimited results

WordPress list posts

WordPress remove default gallery style

WordPress quick short URL

WordPress post thumbnails featured image reference

WordPress list page children content

WordPress custom login logo

WordPress manual FTP config

WordPress display comments

WordPress disable canonical redirect

Contact Form 7 better CSS

Contact Form 7 custom loading image

WordPress display conditional content

WordPress category featured image thumbnail

Sublime Text regex to remove comments in JavaScript

Sublime Text regex to remove comments in CSS

Button or link split testing with rand()

IP address and Geotargeting lookup with

Display source code of a website

Find paragraphs that has an image with jQuery

Open rel=”external” links in new tab or window

Input placeholder text with JavaScript

JavaScript replace CSS style

Sample table

WordPress Open Graph Meta tags

Subtle CSS transition effect

Best SEO for header image

Display URL after anchor element

CSS Cross-browser opacity

The new micro clearfix hack

Internet Explorer conditional statements

AddThis custom buttons

Simple WordPress page breadcrumbs

Removes menus in WordPress

Add favicon to WordPress

Deregister styles in WordPress

Custom login logo for WordPress

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