Build your own PC

Building your own PC is seen as a daunting task by all computer novices and even by some who are fairly proficient with computers and their inner workings. It shouldn’t be!

Putting together your own machine not only means vast cost savings but also gives you an understanding of how the parts work together.


You need to spend a good amount of time researching and learning, but once you have your components picked out, actually assembling everything is really easy. I know this whole thing can seem daunting, but I promise you that if I can do it, you can do it.

How much you need to spend depends on the purpose of the build. Look at the The Logical Increments PC Building guide in the next part for a good breakdown.

Wikipedia has a good break down of all the computer parts.

Choosing components

The Logical Increments PC Building guide is an excellent guide of recommended builds sorted by price range and computer power.

PCPartPicker is an online tool that you can use to put a computer together with relevant links to online shops.

Assembling your computer

Tom’s Hardware has a Step-by-Step guide with pictures of to put it all together. Below is a quick video showing how easy it is:

Miscellaneous information: