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4 December 2016

23 words for emotions that are hard to explain

Ever experienced an emotion that you can’t explain?

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24 December 2010

The Myth of Sysiphus

A realisation that existence is essentially absurd is completely liberating as it makes you the primary mover in your life – you can do anything you want.

6 November 2009

What do philosophers do?

Thales, said to be the first man to think philosophically, had such an impact on Greek thought that within two decades there were hundred of philosophers.

7 August 2009

On The Shortness Of Life

Seneca, a Spanish-born philosopher of Rome who lived in the first century A.D., was one of the prominent sages of the Stoic school. He’s chiefly remembered today for his Moral Essays, a collection of twelve articles on various ethical themes.

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