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A list of resources to programming tutorials in which you can practically learn to build applications from scratch.

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Download all your Instagram photos

Instabot is a free Instagram Python bot, private Instagram API wrapper that can do pretty much everything you could before, and provides a huge amount of ready-to-use automation scripts.

How to stop using TLS-SNI-01 with Certbot

If you’re like me and use the excellent Certbot free HTTPS certificates service with your hosting provider, then you might not be aware that Let’s Encrypt has removed support for domain validation with TLS-SNI-01 due to vulnerabilities with the protocol.

Convert a video to a GIF

So, you’ve spent countless hours crafting a video in your favourite video software and it looks amazing.The only step left is making a GIF file. Sounds like the easiest part, right? But this is where all the fun begins.

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