Schalk Burger

Download all your Instagram photos

Thursday, 13 February 2020

As you may or may not know, Instagram closed its API in summer 2016.

Instabot is a free Instagram Python bot, private Instagram API wrapper that can do pretty much everything you could before, and provides a huge amount of ready-to-use automation scripts.

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to use Instabot to download all your Instagram photos on a Windows platform.

1. Download the latest version of Python for Windows

Go to the Python website and download the latest version of Python for Windows.

Follow the instructions that the installer offers you. Check Add Python 3.x to Path and click on Install Now.

2. Clone the instabot repository from Github

Use your Git client of choice here to clone the instabot repository to your computer. I will provide instructions of how to do this using the Git client.

Go to the Git website and download the latest version for Windows.

Run the installer and follow the instructions that is provided.

After the installation is finished, run the Command Prompt as an Administrator (Right click the Command Prompt and click ‘Run as administrator).

In the Command Prompt type the following and press Enter:

git clone --recursive

3. Install instabot in a virtual Python environment

In the Command Prompt type the following command:

pip install -U instabot

4. Download your Instragram photos

Now for the fun part.

In the Command Prompt, navigate to the examples directory in the instabot repository that you cloned in step 3.

Now you can run the following command to start downloading your Instagram photos.


The script will prompt you to enter your username and password, and after a successful login it will start downloading your Instagram photos to the photos directory in the examples folder.