Download YouTube video with VLC

So you want to save that awesome video you just watched on YouTube and the first thing you probably did was type in Google “how to download YouTube video”?

Sure, there are a bunch of awesome websites that allow you to do this, but if you are already a VLC user then you can utilise this great application to easily save YouTube video. (If you’re not I recommend you to download VLC as it provides way more flexibility when it comes to encoding video as well).

How to download YouTube video with VLC

Follow these steps to download a video from YouTube.

Step 1 – Copy the URL of the video

Step 1
Step 1

Right click on the video and first select ‘Stop download’. Right click on the video again and select ‘Copy video URL’

Step 2 – Select ‘Convert/Save’ from VLC’s Media menu

Step 2
Step 2

In VLC select ‘Convert/Save’ from VLC’s Media menu (or press CTRL + R)

Step 3 – Input the YouTube video URL on the Network tab

Step 3
Step 3

Simply paste the URL of the video you just copied and click Convert/Save.

Step 4 – Set the Output details

Step 4

Set the output filename and location (if you don’t choose a directory with ‘Browse’, it will be placed in VLC’s installation directory). Choose a profile based on what type of file format  you want.

(Optionally: If you want to save a higher quality video there are some more options available on the Form window, which you can access by clicking the little gear icon. For example, If the video has high definition options (i.e. 720p etc.), edit the profile and increase the bit-rate. 192Kb/s is the maximum you’ll want.)

Step 5 – Start saving the video

Step 5
Step 5

Click Start and let VLC save and encode the video for you.

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