Everything – Find files instantly

Everything is the best search tool you can have on your computer.

It has a very simple user interface, and keeps a constant index of your files so anything you type in appears instantly. Unlike other searching mechanism that takes some times to build up its database,

Using Everything to search for Bob Marley mp3's
Using Everything to search for Bob Marley mp3’s

Everything can do it pretty fast by indexing its folder and file names in seconds. For instance, the tool is claimed to be able to index a fresh install of Windows XP with about 20,000 files in one second. You can imagine how effective and useful it could be.

Just type the file name you want to search in the search bar. The files will appear immediately, when you type the file name.

You can use wild card (‘*’) as in windows search feature.You also use Boolean logical operator like ‘|’ which stands for logical ‘and’, is called pipe key also, ’!’ to exclude some thing from your search result.

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