Schalk Burger

Hacker News Readable Dark

Monday, 1 June 2020

In November of last year I created a user style for Stylish / called Hacker News Readable Light that you can install to your preferred browser to override the default Hacker News styles with a more readable skin that is similar to Pocket or Instapaper.

As dark mode has become a trend in 2020, I thought it would only make sense to make a dark version of my user style available as well.

To install this website theme you will need to install Stylish. Stylish is available for Firefox (and other Mozilla programs) and Chrome as an add-on or extension.

Download Stylish for Firefox

Download Stylish for Chrome

To install the user style, simply download the hacker-news-readable-dark.user.js file from the repo and add import it into Stylish.

The user style is open source and you can fork or contribute to it on GitHub

I have created a striped variation of the standard dark theme as well that is available on the striped branch.