Hacker News Readable Light

Hacker News is a link aggregator and message board that I check on a daily basis to read about the latest news in computer science and entrepreneurship topics.

While there is nothing wrong with the beige, text-only interface, I thought I could make the site more reading-optimised akin to sites like Pocket or Instapaper.

I created a user style for Stylish / Userstyles.org that you can install to your preferred browser to override the default Hacker News styles.

Hacker News Readable Light Userscript

To install this website theme you will need to install Stylish. Stylish is available for Firefox (and other Mozilla programs) and Chrome as an add-on or extension.

Download Stylish for Firefox

Download Stylish for Chrome

The user style is open source and you can fork or contribute to it on Github

Download from Stylish / Userstyles.org