Image Resizing Solutions

If you find yourself in that situation where you want to upload photos to an email or a website, you might find that the email gets way too big to send.

This error is mostly caused between a combination of the images being too big and a slow internet connection, i.e. most modern high mega-pixel cameras have a minimum resolution of 1600×1200. So save yourself all the trouble by resizing your photos to an appropriate size before you upload them! Here are two solutions, with the easiest one first and more advanced last.

Image Resizer for Windows

The image resizer is a handy tool from the Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP pack. Direct download.

Microsoft Powertoys for Windows XP does not work on modern systems. You can download a clone of the original software, Image Resizer for Windows.

  1. After the program is installed, Open the folder that contains the pictures you want to resize. Select all the pictures you want to resize and right-click and select Resize Pictures.

    Select pictures, right click and click Resize pictures
  2. In the Resize Pictures dialog box, click Medium and click OK. You can choose a size here for your target audience.

    Choose Medium
    Choose Medium
  3. The original files are still there, and the converted pictures have just been added to the folders with (Large) added. You can now upload the resized pictures with ease! (Notice the file differences).

    Resized images displayed with (Medium) attached to filename
    Resized images displayed with (Medium) attached to filenames

IrfanView Batch Conversion

Irfanview is one of the best freeware image viewers and editor in the world due to its small size and ease of use, oh and of course did I mention it is free? Download here

  1. After you’ve installed IrfanView, open any image in your photo folder and press the B button on your keyboard to open the Batch conversion window:

    Batch conversion
    Batch conversion
  2. Click the Add all button to add all the photos in the folder.

    Add all photos
    Add all photos
  3. Now make sure Batch conversion and Use advanced options is selected and that the Output format is JPG, and then press Advanced Corresponding options
  4. Enter the width of 604 like the picture below, and make sure your boxes are ticked like the picture below, press OK. You can save your settings for later use again too!

    Advanced options
    Advanced options
  5. Final step! Click Use current (‘look in’) directory and then Start Batch. Your original photos will now be replaced by these ones with smaller resolution and file size, just right for email or websites. The Batch conversion has many other options to as you can see, you can even batch rename your images, or increase the brightness on all your images.