Make VLC remember audio and subtitle tracks

If you’re an avid anime fansub’s watcher like me you may have come across this problem.

You enqueued a couple of episodes to watch, audio on Japanese with English subtitles, but as soon as you get to the next episode the audio has reverted back to English and the subtitles are gone.

You can fix this problem in VLC by doing the following:

Go to Tools > Preferences, check All under Show settings in lower left corner of the preferences window.

Then go to Input / Codecs and the replace values with the following ones:

Audio track= -1
Subtitles track= 1
Audio language= JP,Japanese,Jap,392,any
Subtitle language= GB,US,En,English,826,uk
Audio track ID= -1
Subtitles track ID= -1 

That’s it. This basically tells VLC to choose the Japanese audio over everything else, and to use the subtitle track at position 1 (The subtitle track can be at position 0 too).

Enjoy watching anime without a hitch