My top 5 WordPress hacks

When developing a theme for a client you can make use of WordPress hacks or snippets in your functions.php file to achieve the desired result, whether it is to replace the login logo or to disable menus.

You can put all these hacks into your functions.php file and simply comment or uncomment them as you need them. All of these hacks can be found in the functions.php file of my free blank WordPress theme!

Custom login logo

Want to make the login page fit in with the rest of your site? Why not replace the login logo with one of your own. In this piece of code it is assumed you named the image logo-login.gif and put it in your theme’s images folder.

Deregister styles

If you are like me and get tired of your custom plugin styles getting overridden every time you update, then you can use this peace of code to de-register a plugin’s style. Simply keep your code in your theme’s stylesheet and you won’t have to worry about updating it again. This one de-register’s ContactForm7’s stylesheet.

Add a Favicon

A simple one, add a favicon for your theme. An important yet sometimes overlooked website feature.

Disable menus

If you need to give your client Administrator access but don’t want him to mess with any settings or accidentally change the theme, you can disable admin menus with this code. In this example the Appearance, Tools, Settings and Plugins menus are unavailable.