Normalize video audio

Watching a movie and the dialogue is too quiet and the action too loud?

You can use VLC’s built in Dynamic Compression tool to normalize video audio.

The following is some starter settings, however you might want to experiment with different settings depending on your audio setup and input format.

Normalize video audio, some starter settings.

VLC Normalize Audio

Advanced settings

  1. Go to the preferences dialog (Tools > Preferences)
  2. Under Show Settings, click the ‘All’ radio button
  3. Click Filters in the tree view on the left (Audio > Filters).
  4. Select the Dynamic Range Compressor
  5. Now Select the Compressor settings in the tree view (Audio | Filters | Compressor)
  6. Set the values you want. I have mine set to:
    • RMS/Peak : 0.0
    • RMS/Peak : 0.0
    • Attack time : 0.0
    • Release time : 50.0
    • Threshold level : 0.0
    • Ratio : 20.0
    • Knee Radius : 1.0
    • Makeup Gain : 12.0
  7. Click the Save button

Just remember to change this back if you listen to music with VLC.