My Web Design Portfolio

Africa Skate is African skateboarding’s online platform. Started for and run by the community of skateboarders at grassroots level with news, up to date information, events and more.

Services rendered

  • Web Development
  • Content Slider
  • News System
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Integration
  • Social Sharing
  • Advertising Management
  • Custom Programming

Website Features

Content Oriented

The Africa Skate website has a big emphasis on their brand and publishing relevant skateboarding content for the community.

We implemented some content oriented functions to enhance a users content viewing experience, e.g. an instant news category switcher, and a load more function to instantly load the next batch of news blocks without leaving the page.

Custom Widgets

The Africa Skate has various widgets on the website that allows users to interact with the website and ultimately the brand.

We implemented various custom programming functions for the Africa Skate website to enhance a users viewing experience, e.g. an Instragram widget, a Twitter feed widget, a polling system, feedback form and more.

Advertising Management

Africa Skate is a skateboarding community oriented website that relies on money from the community to thrive.

We implemented a custom banner advertising system that allows Africa Skate to manage, display and rotate relevant ads to its community.