My Web Design Portfolio

BACH is an accounting and business consulting firm operating in Cape Town that specializes in general accounting services.

Services rendered

  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Online forms
  • Social integration
  • Search engine optimization
  • Google Maps integration

Website Features

Modern Business Design

For the BACH website we opted for a modern business look complemented with a colour scheme that reflects the branding of BACH along with the use of clean design principles.

Some of the other design features include custom icons, pure CSS drop-down menu, team profile photos, Google maps integration and custom forms.

Custom Forms Implementation

To simplify the admin side of things we implemented different custom forms for the various services that BACH offers.

A client wanting accounting advice needs to provide different information than a client wanted information about business registration, and is reflected in the implementation of the web forms.

Social Integration

The BACH website is connected with its Facebook page so fans can get connected with the business and follow their news updates.

In addition to being connected to Facebook, the blog articles are also automatically posted to Facebook once published and sharing options allow users to Like and Tweet articles.