My Web Design Portfolio

DWT is currently the largest independent online futures brokerage company trading Safex products on Swordfish.

Services rendered

  • Logo Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Fonts
  • Sign-up Forms
  • Email Marketing
  • Custom Programming
  • Search Engine Optimized

Website Features

Modern Redesign

The DWT website forms a focus around financial services, laid out with a clean and clear design complemented with their brand colours.

We redesigned the DWT website and brought some of the old decrepit features to life with modern programming techniques. For example the old flash features slider we reimplemented using pure Javascript, so it is now cross compatible over the majority of devices.

Search Engine Optimized

Being a major player in the online derivatives markets, DWT wants people with an interest in stocks and commodities to land on their website.

We did website optimization for DWT so their website can rank high for these terms, and that potential clients can find their website easily.

Sign-up Forms

DWT provides their clients with direct online trading access to derivatives markets both local and international.

We created custom sign-up forms for DWT so that users can easily and quickly start using their services and start trading without a major hassle.