My Web Design Portfolio

SDK Chartered Accountants (SA) is a well-established and dynamic audit and accounting firm with a client base situated mainly in the Western Cape.

Services rendered

  • Brand identity
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Online forms
  • Photo Galleries
  • Translation Functionality
  • Search engine optimization

Website Features

Modern Business Design

For the SDK website we designed a modern and clean interface, complemented with a dark theme that provides contrast and clarity of the information that is displayed.

Some of the other design features include announcements slider, translation functionality, embedded documents, photo gallery, Google maps integration and custom forms.

Embedded Documents

SDK publishes frequent updates and announcements as well as monthly newsletters on their website.

We implemented automatic embedding of PDF documents right on the website, with the option to easily download or share the documents too.

Online Forms

SDK offers training contracts and holiday work to individuals who are interested.

We implemented online forms so interested individuals can easily fill in the training contracts right on the website.