My Web Design Portfolio

Touwsberg Private Game & Nature Reserve is the ideal destination for the true nature lover with endless views onto the stunning Karoo-mountains, hiking trails, mountain biking, 4×4 routes and canoeing.

What we did

  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Custom Fonts
  • Online forms
  • Property Management
  • Online Map

Website Features

Modern Nature Design

For the Touwsbreg website we opted for a modern nature design with earthy colours that matches their brand identity.

Other design elements include a big photo slider showing the reserveā€™s natural sights, a dropdown menu for accessing deeper level content, custom font implementation, photo gallery and more.

Property Management

The Touwsberg Private Game & Nature Reserve offer several plots of land for sale or for guests to stay on.

We implemented a real estate system that allows the adding and management of properties in the backend, and the viewing of properties in the frontend. Properties are also sortable by price, plot sizes and title.

Interactive Map

The Touwsberg property consists of a huge stretch of land which they wanted to showcase to potential guests and developers on their website.

We implemented a custom online mapping solution that allows users to browse the Touwsberg property online with the same scrolling functionality as Google Maps.