Problem Steps Recorder

Want to visually explain a tech support problem to someone? (This is supplementary support for when my tech support cheat sheet hasn’t worked for you!)

Windows 7 contains a somewhat hidden tool called psr.exe, or Problem Steps Recorder that you can use to record the steps taken to perform a certain action.

After you’ve done recording, it will generate a zip with a single .mht file containing all the steps and information that was recorded to help you describe a problem to others.

How to use Problem Steps Recorder

For an example, I’m going to use psr to record how to change the screen resolution:

Step 1. Search for “psr” from the Windows 7 search bar.

Step 2. Click Start Record on the psr Window and perform the actions to change the screen resolution.

(In this example that is: right click the desktop, select Screen resolution, make the adjustments).

Step 3. Save the zip file with a relevant name somewhere on your computer.

You can now send this file to the person that requires help. When they open the file they will see a document containing information and pictures similar to the following:

Example of Step 1 that was recorded.

That’s it! The recorded problem steps can also be viewed as a slideshow.