Quick and dirty wood texture

This tutorial is about making a quick and dirty wood texture using Photoshop’s Fibers Tool, for beginners to advanced users alike.

A wood texture can be used when creating organic web interfaces or if you are 3D modelling wood objects.

This is probably the shortest tutorial ever, but I believe the end effect is pretty neat.

Step 1

Create a new document, 500 pixels by 500 pixels in size. Fill it with a Radial Gradient, drawn starting from the centre out, with these foreground and background colours set.

#714824 – Foreground Color
#482a0e – Background Color

Radial gradient

Step 2

To get the texture, duplicate your gradient layer and go to Filters > Render > Fibers and use the default settings. Make sure you have your brown colours still selected, as it makes a difference with the output. Set the opacity to 30%.

Wood texture

There you go, a quick and dirty wood texture. You can try different gradient colours for different effects.