Troubleshooting made easy

I have blogged previously about my Tech Support Cheat Sheet that should end all novice computer users problems once and for all, but yet there are sometime problems that these users can’t solve by following this flowchart.

Troubleshooting someone’s computer over the phone is not always an easy task since you can’t see what’s happening on their computer. If only you could see what they are seeing..

This is where the simple yet very helpful website ShowMeWhatsWrong comes in. In a nutshell the website does the following:

1. Generate a URL that you give to the person experiencing tech problems.

2. The website then lets them record a video of their computer screen with audio from their built-in or plugged-in microphone if present.

3. After they have finished recording, the website automatically emails you their screencast.

As simple as that, but highly effective at solving technical problems. One can always use Skype to diagnose problems too, but this only requires a browser with an internet connection, and the generated link you can use over and over again to send to people.

Visit Show Me Whats Wrong