Update software automatically

Old versions of software and runtimes on your computer could leave your computer vulnerable to all kinds of malware and viruses. Runtimes that you should try to keep updated at all times is Flash and Java, but you can even extend this to having any other software you’re using to update to their latest versions.

This is where Ninite comes in. Ninite is an awesome piece of software that lets you select all the software you want to install on your computer, and it will generate a small executable file that will automically download and install the software for you, without any toolbars or extras. You can then use this same executable that you used to install software at a later stage to update all that software.

I’ve added a scheduled task in Windows to run Ninite every day, that just silently updates in the background. Here’s how you can do the same.

Update software automatically

Here’s how easy it is to schedule Ninite to automatically update software on your computer:

1. Go to Ninite.com and create an installer of the software you want to update automatically

Select software at Ninite

2. Open start menu and type “task scheduler” to find Task Scheduler, click on it

Run Task Scheduler

3. With Task Scheduler open, click on Action and then Create a basic task

Create a Basic Task

4. Name it “Update software automatically”, click “Next”, select Daily, click “Next”, select “Start a program”

Configure Basic Task

5. Browse to where your Ninite installer from step 1 is located, and select that.

Configure Basic Task to start Ninite

6. Click “Next” until “Finish” appears. Click it and you’re task is set.

Optional steps

Recommended for standard version of Ninite. Right click the task you created and click Properties. Go to Conditions and check “Start the task only if the computer is idle for”, and select a time from the dropdown you find suitable, 10 minutes is usually good. This way, it won’t start while you’re gaming or otherwise busy doing something else.

If you have the Pro version of Ninite you can run the task in silent mode, so your software updates in the background.

Right click the task you created and click Properties. Select the Actions tab and click Edit.  In the arguments box (where it says Add arguments (optional)): add /silent. (If you don’t own Ninite Pro, it will fail without telling you, and your software won’t update).