Schalk Burger

How to upload custom artwork for your Steam Profile

Thursday, 9 June 2022

This guide will show you to upload your custom artwork on Steam for Artwork or Screenshot showcases with a blank title.


  • You must be at least Level 10 on Steam to display an artwork/screenshot showcase.
  • Be careful not to upload images that are too small in resolution.
  • For the normal artwork showcase (1 middle and 1 side), your middle artwork width should be 506 pixels wide and any height. Your side artwork should be 100 pixels and have the same heights as your middle artwork, if you want it to align.
  • For the featured artwork showcase (one big middle artwork), your artwork needs to be 630 pixels wide and any height.


Step 1

Open the following link in your browser:

Step 2

We will now prepare your showcase to have a blank title.

Select the invisible character between the brackets, and copy it:


Paste the invisible character you just copied into the “Give your artwork a title” field.

Step 3

Next, click the Choose File button and select your artwork (under Select your artwork file).

Open your browser’s Developer Tools, by pressing the F12 button.

Copy and paste the relevant code below into the console, and hit enter. (Only one of these codes need to be used, not both.)

If you are uploading Artwork or Featured Artwork:


If you are uploading as a Screenshot:


Step 4

Check the “I certify that I created this artwork” box, and click the “Save and Continue” button.

Your artwork will then start uploading.

On the artwork selector your artwork will appear to be a thin black line.

This is normal and it means the code worked. When you select the artwork it will look normal after loading.