Useful Excel keyboard shortcuts

Here is another guide in the same vein as my other post about useful keyboard shortcuts, but this time I present you with some useful Excel keyboard shortcuts!

It’s time to make it so your status as an Excel ninja is beyond question. (These shortcuts were tested on Excel 2007 but should work on all verions).

Shortcut Action
F2 Edit the cell without double clicking it.
F4 Automatically makes the cell reference absolute (When focused on formula bar).
Ctrl + Arrow keys Move position to the edges of contiguous cells.
Ctrl + R Fill a formula right when you have cells selected.
Ctrl + D Fill a formula down when you have cells selected.
Ctrl + Home Puts you directly in cell A1.
Ctrl + Space Select the whole column.
Shift + Space Select the whole row.
Crtl + – Delete a column/row that’s selected.
Ctrl + Shift + = Insert a column/row left/above the one you have selected.
Alt, E, S Paste special.
Crtl + Shift + Number keys Formats the cells to the alternate character on the key (i.e. 4 is $ format, 5 is % format)
Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn Switch between different worksheets within the same file.
Tab Start typing your formula and hit tab. It will autocomplete it and add the opening bracket.
Ctrl + 1 Format cells.
Shift + F11 Inserts a new worksheet
Alt + Enter Inserts a line break in a cell instead of going to the cell below.

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