Useful keyboard shortcuts

People are always amazed at how fast I can move around a computer, and are convinced that this must be because I have spent years with computers combined with lightning speed typing speeds (125 wpm).

The key is simply to know your way around the keyboard: If you want to become a truly skilled computer ninja, then you have to master the keyboard!

Chrome & Firefox

Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
Ctrl + TabShift trough your opened tabs
Ctrl + WClose an opened tab
Ctrl + KJump to search box
Ctrl + LJump to address box
Ctrl + FFind in page
Ctrl + DAdd bookmark
Ctrl + JShow downloads window
Ctrl + +Increase text size
Ctrl + -Decrease text size
Ctrl + 0Reset text size to default
Alt + scrollScroll line by line
F5Refresh page
Ctrl + F5Refresh page and cache
F11Full screen view


Windows + DShow desktop
Windows + MMinimize all Windows
Windows + EOpen Windows Explorer
Windows + ROpen Run dialog
Windows + Pause/BreakOpen System Properties
Windows + LLock computer
Windows + FOpen the Search dialog