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Weird Wikipedia articles

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My previous Wikipedia post was about interesting articles and categories in general.

My favourite creepy incident is what happened at Dyatlov Pass in 1959:

The lack of eyewitnesses and subsequent investigations into the hikers’ deaths have inspired much speculation. Investigators at the time determined that the hikers tore open their tent from within, departing barefoot in heavy snow. Though the corpses showed no signs of struggle, two victims had fractured skulls, two had broken ribs, and one was missing her tongue.

This post will list all the weird and creepy articles on everyone’s favourite encyclopaedia.

“I AM” Activity

1923 Great Kanto earthquake

1952 Washington D.C. UFO incident

1976 Tehran UFO incident

2004 Mexican UFO incident

2006 Mumbai sweet seawater incident

2006 O’Hare International Airport UFO sighting

2007 Peruvian meteorite event

Abbey of Thelema

Adam (unsolved Thames murder case)

Aerial Phenomena Enquiry Network

Aether theories

Air embolism

Air Force reports on the Roswell UFO incident

Albert Fish

Alestair Crowley

Alexander “Sawney” Bean

Alexander Pichushkin

Alien hand syndrome

Allagash Abductions

Allegory of the cave

Almas (cryptozoology)

Amelia Earhart

America’s Stonehenge

Ancient astronaut theories

Andrei Chikatilo

Angel hair (UFO)

Anomalous phenomenon

Antonio Villas Boas



Ararat anomaly

Area 51

Arecibo reply

Armin Meiwes

Art Bell

Ascended Master

Atlas Vampire

Atmospheric beast


Aum Shinrikyo

Aurora Texas UFO Incident

Axeman of New Orleans

Ayers Rock

Babalon Working

Babes in the Wood murders

Babushka lady

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Badajoz UFO Incident

Battle of Los Angeles

Beast of Exmoor

Beast of Gévaudan

Beaumont Children

Beaumont children disappearance


Bega schoolgirl murders

Belchen Tunnel

Bell witch

Bermuda Triangle

Berwyn Mountain UFO incident

Bible John

Bicameral mind

Black Dahlia

Black dog (ghost)

Bloody Bones


Boleskine House

Bomarzo#Park of the Monsters

Book of Soyga

Borley Rectory

Bosnian pyramids

Boston molasses disaster

Boy in the Box (Philadelphia)

Boy Scout Lane

Brain in a vat

Brian Douglas Wells

Bridgewater Triangle

British big cats

British Rail flying saucer

Brosno dragon

Brown Dog affair

Bubbly Creek

Bud dwyer

Bunny Man



Cando event

Capgras delusion

Carl Panzram

Carl Tanzler

Carroll A. Deering

Carson Sink UFO incident

Cash-Landrum incident

Casper Hauser

Category:Ghost towns in Newfoundland and Labrador

Cattle mutilation

Centralia%2C Pennsylvania

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Chair of Death

Champ (cryptozoology)


Chandre Oram

Charles Bonnet syndrome

Charles Fort

Charles Manson

Charles Whitman

Chase Vault

Chemtrail conspiracy theory

Chernobyl disaster

Chessie (sea monster)

Children of God


Christian Science

Chupa %28anomaly%29

Chupa (anomaly)


Clapham Wood Mystery

Classification of demons

Cleveland Torso Murderer

Clinical lycanthropy

Collective unconscious

Concrete-Encased High School Girl Murder Case

Consensus reality

Copper scroll

Coral Castle

Corpse road

Count of St. Germain

Crawfordsville monster

Crixás UFO Incident

Cross of St. Peter

Crush, Texas

Cry baby bridge

Crystal skulls

Cure for Insomnia

Curse tablets

Cybernetic revolt

Cydonia (region of Mars)

Cyrus Teed

D. B. Cooper

Dan Rather#.22Kenneth.2C what is the frequency.3F.22

Dancing mania

Dancing Plague of 1518

Danny Casolaro

Dantes Inferno

David Icke

David Parker Ray

De Vermis Mysteriis

Death (personification)

Death of Edgar Allan Poe

Decompression illness


Delphine LaLaurie


Dendera light

Der Eiserne Mann

Devil’s Footprints

Devil’s Tramping Grounds

Devil%27s Footprints

Dionysian Mysteries

Discourse on the Method

Discoveries of human feet on British Columbia beaches, 2007–2009

Diving medicine

Donner Party

Doomsday event


Dover demon

Dulce Base

Dyatlov Pass incident

Ed Gein

Elizabeth Bathory

Exploding head syndrome

Faces of belmez

Fairy#Practical beliefs and protection

Flannan Isles#Mystery of 1900

Flatwoods monster

Forest swastika

Fred West

Fritz Haarmann

Ganzfeld experiment

Gef the talking mongoose

Ghost lights

Gil Pérez

Gilles de Rais

Gloria Ramirez

Goatman (cryptozoology)

Green children

Grey Goo


Grooved Spheres

Guided rat

Halifax Slasher

Hamster zona-free ovum test

Harbour Mille incident

Head transplant

HH Holmes


High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

Hindu milk miracle

Hopkinsville goblins

Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov %28biologist%29


Jack Parsons


Jerry Brudos

Jersey Devil

Joachim Kroll

John Edward Robinson (serial killer)

John Murray Spear

Josef Mengele

Joseph Vacher

Junko Furuta

Karl Grossmann

Kennedy Curse

Lake Bodom murders

Laurie Dann

Lead Masks Case


Lina Medina

List of unusual deaths

Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp

Lizzie Borden

Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine

Loveland Frog

Lyon sisters

Man in the iron mask


Marfa lights

Mariana UFO Incident

Markovian parallax denigrate

Marree Man

Mary Celeste

Mary Reeser

Mary Tofts

Mass fainting in Tanzania

McMartin preschool trial

Mellified Man


Michelangelo (computer virus)

Midgetville#Vienna.2C Virginia

Miguel Corte-Real

Moberly-Jourdain incident


Moll Dyer

Montauk Project



Murder of Tim McLean

MV Joyita


Nazca lines

New Jersey Devil

Number stations

Numbers stations

Oera Linda Book

Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

Original Night Stalker

Original Spanish Kitchen

Out of place artifacts

Overtoun Bridge



PENIS panic

Peoples Temple

Peter Kürten

Peter K%C3%BCrten

Peter Tobin

Phaistos Disc

Phantom Killer

Philadelphia experiment

Philedelphia expieriment

Piri Reis


Pontianak (folklore)

Pope Lick Monster

Princess Doe

Pripyat (city)



Quantum immortality

Reality shift

Red rain in Kerala

Rendlesham Forest incident

Richard Chase

Roanoke Colony

Robert J. White


Sailing stones


Sedlec Ossuary

Servant Girl Annihilator


Shag Harbor


Skunk Ape

Sleep paralysis#Folklore

Snuff film


Solway Firth Spaceman

Spring Heeled Jack

St Januarius

Starchild skull

Stargate Project

Steam tunnel incident

Stone spheres of Costa Rica


String theory



Surrey puma

Taman Shud Case

Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic

Taos hum

Tara Calico


The Bloop

The Great Thunderstorm

The Grinning Man

The Hermitage (Hamilton, Ontario)

The Keddie Murders

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon

The Mahavishnu Orchestra

Total information awareness

Toynbee tiles


Tunguska event

Tylenol murders


Unit 731


Valentich disappearance

Vela Incident

Vile vortices

Villisca%2C Iowa

Villisca, Iowa

Vladimir Demikhov

Voynich manuscript

Wenatchee sex ring

Who put Bella in the Wych Elm%3F

Whole-body transplant

Wilhelm Reich


Wow signal

Zodiac killer