What do philosophers do?

Thales, said to be the first man to think philosophically, had such an impact on Greek thought that within two decades there were hundred of philosophers.

Many people who are oblivious to the field of philosophy will often ask a naive question like “What job can I get with a philosophy major” or “Do philosophers just sit around all day?”. Philosophical skills have a practical, professional value and here are some more insightful points.

We pay attention and listen carefully to ourselves, the world, and others.

We experience the inherent value in thinking and wield its instrumental value.

We nurture the life of the mind.

We summon the spirits of each age and culture to shine their lights on our time.

We engage ourselves and the world with every discipline, trade and approach at our disposal.

We fail and shout our faults from the rooftops because without failure there is no excellence.

We recognise the cruel perfection of the sage yet seek still to exemplify what we promote.

We journey actively across the varied landscapes of the soul, existence and the world.

We explore and we explore and we explore and we explore and we explore!

We fight continually for the life worth living.

We live deliberately.

We avoid mindless chatter, fraudulent piety and the institutions which cloak these terrible afflictions.

We value an hour of challenging discourse over a day of superficial pleasantries.

We seek similar spirits to share with us our short lives.

We enjoy our hard-fought freedoms yet heed the call to express our own part in this eternal conversation.

We create something beautiful when The Fates conspire with us.

We risk the deepest error and take our shot at the deepest truth.

We ask what is it that you will do with this life?