Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 has been officially released  and there are a whole bunch of new keyboard shortcuts you can master if you’ve just upgraded from Widows 7 or 8.

Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Action
Windows + C Opens Cortana, ready to listen to your directions
Windows + S Opens Cortana, not listening
Windows + A Opens Notifications/Action center
Windows + I Opens Settings (Control Panel)
Windows + L Locks screen
Windows + , Peek at desktop
Windows + N Write a quick OneNote
Windows + H Share a screenshot of current screen
Windows + K Search for wireless displays and audio devices
Windows + T Cycles through the apps open on your taskbar
Windows + 1-9 Opens app open on your taskbar
Windows + X Opens context menu over start button
Windows + Enter Opens Accessibility reader
Windows + Snap current window to left of screen
Windows + Snap current window to right of screen
Windows + Maximizes current window
Windows + Ctrl + D Create a new virtual desktop
Windows + Ctrl + D Create a new virtual desktop
Windows + Tab Shows all open apps, lets you switch between desktops
Windows + Ctrl + ← / → Quick switch between virtual dektops
Windows + G Open the video game recorder

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